Deutsch-Englische Gesellschaft DEG Montabaur e.V.
Deutsch-Englische Gesellschaft DEG Montabaur e.V.

About ourself and twinning town Montabaur

The Deutsch-Englische Gesellschaft Montabaur, short DEG-Montabaur, (in English: German-English Association)  is the public associaton who keep alive the social and cultural twinning between the two twinning towns Brackley in Northamptonshire, England and Montabaur in Westerwald, Germany.

The twinning goes back to a pupil exchange in the 70th, followed by the official twinning of both towns back in 1975. Both associations, Brackley European Association (BEA) and DEG, formed the partnership on a social and friendship base and exchange visiting each other over the years since then. Multiple of friendships was found and keep still today.

Times change and in our 'new world' where every place is just a 'click-away' it sometimes seem's a little bit old fashioned to do such an exhange as you could 'meet' each other easy on a virtual base and can visit the country of each other by a relative smal amount using flights and trains cheap offers.

BUT, did you realy meet the people of the 'foreign' country? Did you realey learn about the 'others'? Are you interested to visit a town in Germany and have some insights into the art of life in Germany?

Well, if so, don't hesitate to contact the BEA to get meet us next time visiting Montabaur!

Montabaur is a smal lovely town, even same size as Brackley,  just in the middle between cities Cologne and Frankfurt. An old yellow castle on a top of a green hill, to be seen what ever direction you will come, is one of the headturning sightseeings. Today a 5* hotel is inside, but you still could visit it to have an enjoing view around the Westerwald.

The town itselfs covers a couple of old medivian houses and nice shops and pubs which will welcome you.


1. Montabaurer Stadtmeisterschaft für Modellautos

Die "Nachwuchs - Rennfahrer" haben am Samstag, dem 8. Dezember die Möglichkeit, an der 1. Stadtmeisterschaft für Modellautos teilzunehmen. Wir laden alle ein, mit ihrem lieblings Modellautochen (Maßstab 1:64) zur Bürgerhalle zu kommen!

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Britischer Abend am 3. November

Die pulsierende Hauptstadt London war das Ziel der virtuellen Reise am 3. November beim Britischen Abend der Deutsch-Englischen Gesellschaft in der Bürgerhalle. Wie immer wurde neben Guinness und Kilkenny auch ein Whiskey Tasting angeboten.

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